Spots Skate

Circle Society Roller Skates

I was so excited to work with Circle Society on a couple of designs for their 2018 roller skate line. They were looking for fun, playful designs for their younger audience, so I started off with a set of mood boards to focus in on the look they wanted to achieve. After the top designs were chosen, I created production files that were sent to their factory to bring them to life.


The designs were launched in Target in the winter of 2018, and even made an appearance in the holiday catalog! They were a great challenge for me because I love working with product, and this was a totally different one to experiment with. There were so many small pieces to consider, and also a wide range of materials involved. I really enjoyed sitting down to figure out what skates I would have wanted as a little girl, and then helping to make them become a reality.

Animal Print Skate